ThinkPad e431 led blink morse code

Led that blinks

I was always curious about the leds on the laptop and wonder "how are they controlled?" Can they be controlled at all? I was sure they can be controlled because they behave based on state of the laptop for instance when the lid is close the led blinks indicating that system is in suspend mode. I started searching for controlling this tiny led and found a very easy way to do it, its as easy as writing '0 on' or '0 off' to a file thats it. Now I had this crazy idea of why can't we transmit morse code using the led? I wrote a python code to do the same and this is the code for transmitting morse code through the led. It was fun to watch the led blink in a pattern. I hope I can use it some day for real purpose but for now its just for fun!

Check the code and feel free to fork and change it

Bhuvan Krishna

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