Story of Sekhar : An Enginering Student from CBIT,Hyderabad

I'm Sekhar Karedla, CSE 3rd year from CBIT.
[ Attendee of Project-oriented Training Camp-2016 held at CBIT - Hyderabad.]

To attend this camp was not in my plan earlier, at last minute I decided to join it as few my classmates also joining the camp. I've never stayed away from my parents and this was the first time I lived away from home for this long time(15 days).

It's been a challenge for me to experience a lifestyle other than how I stay in home & get habituated for camp etiquette. Initial thing is to wash my own plate, I was pretty inspired after knowing the purpose behind it.

Next, it is team division with people of diverse backgrounds, none of them are I knew before. I was little uncomfortable with it, but I realised magic happens when you move out of your comfort zones.
Likewise, lot many experiences, it's been fun to overcome those challenges.

Members of team will have diverse set of skills, one might be good at technology, one at communication skills and others. Collaboration among team members is important for better project outcomes.

This project-oriented camp provided us to experience the culture of working as a team for collaborative project works which also helped us improve multi-dimensional skill-set.
I'm sure these skills will help us to face situations in industry after stepping out after completion of our graduation degree.

I've liked the thing that we had access to labs 24/7 and tasks scheduled to be completed within deadlines.
Time is the main thing we think to invest as we see lot many events, workshops etc. This is worth of all the time I spent, all the knowledge I gained and all the memories I collected.

Earlier, I had misconceptions about the very conditions of society and problems we all are facing as a society. Being part of this camp not only helped me to develop my technical skills but also helped me to have a better perspective of looking at such social issues.

I understood the main motto of Swecha is "Everyone should have equal opportunity to learn technical education, regardless of their economic condition, gender, ethnicity background etc". I personally felt attached to this organisation after getting to know their projects and initiatives for a better society.

All I can say is, now I am a better programmer, a better citizen, and a better person by being part of this camp.

P.S. : Sekhar, along with his 12 other classmates who attended the camp formed into a student body (GLUG-GNU/Linux User's Group) in CBIT to spread the awareness on benefits of using free software to their fellow college mates and advocating their management and faculty to adopt Free Software policy in college.

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