The workshop was conducted on 22 nd and 23 rd of July, 2017 at Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women. The workshop commenced with our Principal, Dr. Satya Prasad Lanka giving an introduction on virtual reality. The resource persons were Bhavabhuthi and Nithin, who are volunteers and speakers at Swecha. The morning session was taken by the speaker Bhavabhuthi, who said about HTML, CSS, JS. The participants were given 3-4 exercises such as building a basic HTML page, styling it and making it respond to the user.
The post-lunch session was taken by Ranjith, who is volunteer and speaker at Swecha and also a Mozilla representative, about A-frames in Virtual Reality. The participants were given VR-kits to explore.
alt alt alt alt On the next day, the session began with Ranjith speaking about A-frames. This session was completely hands-on as the participants were given an opportunity to explore how make frames for VR starting from basics. They could change the parameters of the frames and see how the screen changes. They explored the basic way of creating VR to taking a 360° images and modifying it. The post-lunch session was taken by the representatives of Mozilla, Sai Ram Gurumukhi and Deepak Upendra . It was more of a question-answer session where the participants asked various doubts on the topic and about Mozilla. The speaker, Ram explained in depth about creating frames. The session ended with the participants getting goodies such as bands from Mozilla, stickers of A-frame and Mozilla.


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