My National Language hassle!

Bow..bow..bowwww..bow..bow… booowwwoowwoowoowoow. bow..boww… What are you seeing? Answer me. And you are still thinking? Don’t you know how your health and all is going? This is bad, very bad. I am still waiting for your answer and look at your puzzled face. What now? I get it. You didn’t understand what I first said. It’s ok! Calm down you can learn in a few decades of years to come wink.
Now just imagine the plight of people who go to new place for some reason and land up with people talking everything other than what they can understand. It’s no fun decoding what they have been telling with their animated faces, at least not when you are in need nah! “desperate need” of information and all you understood is that you did not understand a single word of what they said.
At that moment, all you will feel is self-pity, with a small sense of distress, frustration and out right pathetic for yourself.

Somewhere around 5 years back in the streets of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I was figuring out my way to the University on the day of Counselling for my admission into B.E course. I reached the main auto stand and tried to ask the address. Obviously, they didn’t understand Telugu neither English. With several failed attempts, I became a warrior. It was almost a do or die situation. This is the time when I faintly remember the soothing words “Hindi is our National language”. What a relief! Now I know what to talk and how to get my things done Broad smiles(well obviously, though I am not a native Hindi speaker “Arey hum Hyderabadi hai bai kaise nai aata?”(Translation : I am a Hyderabadi how will I not know?)). Now with my boosted morale again I give a shot. In that crowded land full of people with lungi’s which symbolizes their Tamilian culture and tradition, I spotted a man whom I assumed to know THE National Language Hindi. I politely started asking him. His expression clearly told me I have failed again. Then I saw a yellow bus coming. As it neared me I realized it was the university bus. Man! I was the happiest person in the world at that point of time. English did the work for the later part at the University. The real trouble came at the end of the day. When I had to reach the railways station. I cursed with all possible words I could for not knowing Hindi. Alas! With lots of hurdles I reached Hyderabad.

On an cold winter day probably after 3 years, a friend of mine named Ranjith told me that Hindi is not our National Language, for that matter not even the only official language. That was more of earthquake and less of information in my life. I thought he was kidding why wouldn't I? I was told that what i knew since the early time of my existence was WRONG . So I researched and found that it was a fact and I didn't know before.

I don't know how many more common fads do I believe in. By the way, did you know this before? If not then go research here are the a few links:

P.S: It’s OK folks. I didn’t know either. Its better late than never *wink *.



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