My minds plot!

“Long, long ago… Once upon a time …. In the dark jungle long ago…. Once there lived a King… In a distant place their lived a wicked witch… In the land of the great Kingdom once lived a prince…. In the early days when the earth, sun and the moon were formed... “ Wait, Are you wondering what are all these? How many of you remembered the stories they have heard back in the school? How many tried figuring out which line was the opening line for which story they have read in the distant past? I am not a great writer like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, George Orwell who starts off so dramatically dating the story to the early man(Not exactly but to the starting stages of the civilized man) I have a question, today we are in the 21st century and why are we still talking about the stories which dates to hundreds of years? Why can it be “An year ago… These days…. In the recent times… “.

I always wondered whenever we read a story book which are the so-called children’s story books. Did you ever find stories which shows that a poor man, an ugly woman, a woman with short & tangled hair, a man without may be 6 pack body, a woman without a slim curvy body, a farmer, a shepherd, a washer man, a soldier, carpenter or some menial job worker to be the main protagonists of the story?

Did you ever see stories which tell young girls to be strong and independent and NOT Barbie dolls? Did you ever find stories which tells its OK to be emotional, its OK to show emotions, even men are humans and they too have feelings?

Did you find stories which show two friends of different race who happily lived ever after?
Yes! I found lots of inspiration from all the Super Hero stories, Cinderella stories, Beauty and the beast story is to be the most beautiful women in the world to live a happy life. I am supposed to be perfect with white skin, pink lips, long straight hair, beautifully decorated gowns, high heels, manicured long nails, flat stomach and thin waist. I even learnt that if I don’t be the perfect women I am tomboyish and I will be sued for my lifetime. A Super Hero is always needed in my life to rescue me. I will find my Prince charming only if I am beautiful. One day my prince would come and take to the awesome land where I will no longer suffer. To my knowledge, we never had a “Wonder women” until today. So, I always knew men are strong. They have super powers. We have flying broomsticks, vegetables which become chariots, lamps which have genie, when rubbed will appear to fulfill all my wishes.

When all the stories we are fed with since our childhood are so good and awesome (pun intended). How do we expect Wonder women’ and Men being raised in this world? How will a woman understand she is beautiful in the way she is and there is no need to buy all the chemicals to fit to the fairy tale standards?
How will a man be able to share or express his emotions unless he is told it’s something very natural.

As long as our literature is not updated to today’s needs how will things change. We will be still sending messages using pigeons. We travel miles on horses or on broomsticks. We burn lamps for light. We will have future telling globes and poisoned apples which transforms you into wild animals.

Well if you are still looking for some thesis or a conclusion here, then please don’t. I just wanted you to think about my views and help me improve.



A software engineer by profession. A micro writer by passion.