Into the wild

Never ending road and a bike that chugs and hums the rhythm of strain and pain, The morning rush in a city. Pinching sun, burning skin, breathless hot air, its time for lunch in the afternoon. Water every where I almost think of sharing a boat to ride the stinking waters and the filth, sun is setting in the far west. Chilling cold, dry lips freezing fingers goodnight everyone the city never sleeps.

The unwanted wild is experienced everyday by millions who live in cities. A typical morning is cool and the traffic makes one feel the road never ends. Afternoon its hot in summer it feels like the skin is burning and we have to breath polluted air. Water logged areas and colonies in monsoon. Chilling cold in winter.

I wish everyone living in cities get a chance to live a life in the natural wilderness. Time is not a problem you have plenty of it. Bright sunshine in the morning with birds chirping and the breeze brushing cheeks as if nature is gently pampering you with its hands. No sharp, loud sounds and you will not get out of breath anymore, The clean air feels like breathing is no more a conscious thing to do. You don't cover the face to protect as there is nothing to protect from in the wild. Green everywhere and not the bright neon lights flashing into the eye every night, But The moonlight and stars give a new meaning of walking in the dark, Its not walking in the dark but walking under the stars.

I want to go back to the wilderness. Not with out my smartphone, electronics or my friends, I want to take them with me to the wilderness and leave behind False Competition, greed and individualism behind. It is sharing and caring which is needed to survive in the wild.

I will work for a better tomorrow where we show the next generation that we did not see and experience.

Into the wild

Bhuvan Krishna

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