Hacktivist Outlook

The digital age brought with it new avenues for democracy and also new ways for rapid rise of monopoly. Within a decade we saw rapid standardization of ideas globally, emergence of new industries and new bosses in economy and also democratic springs against decades old dictatorships. Digital age is no different when it comes to wealth monopolization – earlier the 1% used to get richer every quarter, today every day. This ever increasing power of wealth is not comfortable with new space for democracy that digital age has provided. While the 1% tries to meddle and squeeze this space for its benefits, the hacktivists together are trying to save its essence and further expand the influence of democracy.

The 1%'s attempts to stiffle the space by controlling the people through curating their ideology, making them economic slaves and ensuring the energy left for resistance or alternatives is either transformed into its benefits or projected irrelevant.

Curating their ideology :

1% knows better than any of us that to gain control over humans they need to get the control over their brains – formulating their ideas. How else can you explain a 10 year old carrying a real gun and firing at his classmates, assuming himself to be the character in the video game. They make us identify ourselves with a character (an adharsh baalak/baalika). Now, when the character is imprinted on our minds, all that they are left with doing is – describe what the character does.

For example -
1. What does the character wear for the wedding
2. Which institution to study
3. Which career path to embark on
4. What ideologies to believe in
5. Which party to vote for

It is when people are deliberately engaged in such farce for a lifetime, the babas and the pseudo-science intellectuals come to solve people's existential crisis. The 1% is thrilled to see this marriage between people's existential crisis to unscientific belief system as the babas and pseudo-science intellectuals produce more brains that are inert and irresponsive.

Making them economic slaves :

The matrix is true. People are nothing but button cells to the machine that the 1% run. What does this machine do? It makes the 1% more rich – an unending game. While the people are continuously fed with illusions of becoming rich, the 1% ensures the resultant people's productivity is aligned to their benefits.

A global alliance among 1% is getting stronger day by day. New agreements between governments in the name of trade relations, employment creation, climate change, terrorism etc are new avenues to create new farce and fodder for people's hopes on a possible betterment.

The pace in rise of monopoly is startling. Earlier, if it took 30 years are more to establish an empire in an industry, the digital medium enables such a possibility in 3-4 years. The monopoly is so huge that the next company in line is at distant 2nd with difference of atleast 60-70% in the market. We wouldn't find any single economic transaction without the participation of 1%. A few ancillary units may spring up around these monopolies but the venture capital that is injected into them by 1% is turning out to be detrimental. These units looked like angels and had a dream run as long as they were serving decentralized geographical markets. But why will the 1% leave them alone?

Today, dictatorships are run in the disguise of democracy. People elect their dictators who are inturn pawns in the hands of 1%. We see all the countries regularly run a rhetoric called elections and imitate democracy – which ensures a free flow of money from all the quarters of the world – at the base 1% needs freeways. But the day people revolt, they wouldn't hesitate to remove the cover of democracy.

Energy for resistance and alternatives :

The energy to save the democratic space and further expand its influence comes from the system's necessity to maintain reserve energy. This energy may be in the form of markets, people or technology.

Also, we have seen a cycle of resistance across the world in the form of Arab springs, occupy movements, anti-austerity protests, anti-corruption protests, nirbhaya movement, net-neutrality movement etc. Such movements give birth to an organic thought process (resistance) and future kind of human living against the current system. An example is a hacktivist.

When this organic resistance is empowered with the reserve energy of the system it becomes a center for organic growth to build alternatives.

Another world is possible!

Siddhartha Malempati


Hyderabad, India http://about.me/sidmalempati