Ido intinti gada..

Kshanak kshanam anu kshanam Dishalu maruthunna jeevitham, Ayomayam ayomayam anu kshanam ayomayam Anukopisthunna janam.  Chinnanati chinni kalalu meerantha thuncha bothey, Kshanak kshanam Anu kshanam brathakadame baramaye. »

My National Language hassle!

Bow..bow..bowwww..bow..bow… booowwwoowwoowoowoow. bow..boww… What are you seeing? Answer me. And you are still thinking? Don’t you know how your health »

My minds plot!

“Long, long ago… Once upon a time …. In the dark jungle long ago…. Once there lived a King… In a distant place their lived a wicked »